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What I’ve been spying this week


I’ve spied some interesting bits and pieces this week, even though I haven’t had my hunting head on at all. In some strange places, too…

When I was at Birmingham Airport on Wednesday, I wasn’t expecting to find much of anything except jumbo-sized Toblerone bars and two-litre bottles of gin. But I was wrong. After choosing an airport bar to rest my weary feet and re-fuel, I discovered some fun decorations.

Kitsch 1970s / 1980s jugWhen I tried to pick up this kitsch but cute jug to see the lid (it’s a really vivid red) I discovered that it was stuck down onto the shelf! I suppose the bar owners were worried that some horror would secret it away in their hand luggage…

The matching “house of cards” cups and saucers were stuck down too!

Kitsch cups and saucers

I was loving a stack of old penguin paperbacks that completed the trio. It was definitely a citrus lover’s arrangement – loads of orange!

Old penguin paperbacks

Who knew that Birmingham airport had stuff like this, ripe for the snapping?

Back in Edinburgh I spotted this cracking old trunk in one of Leith’s eateries, since turned into a perfectly sized coffee table. It’s a fantastic trunk; it’s great to see it get a second lease of life instead of lying neglected in a skip somewhere.

Trunk as a coffee table

There were some great labels and stickers on its sides. I loved the blue colour too. Check out the old luggage label on the handle!

Close up of the coffee table/trunk

Of course, the week wouldn’t be complete without cake. And books. It was my monthly book group meeting and we supped tea, scoffed cakes and chatted all things literary. Complete with dainty teacups.

Cute cup and saucerI felt like such a lady, talking literature (aka nonsense) and drinking peppermint tea. The flower in the teapot completed the picture and is certainly the cutest table decoration I’ve seen for a good while. I love flowers! I love tea! I love flowery tea!

Teapot full of flowers

It wasn’t until I was leaving the tea room that I spotted THESE! For 75p no less! Rocky road with smarties on top… Mmmm.

Seriously yummy rocky road

The weekend doth approach, so if the weather’s not terribly chilly then I might get a look around the charity shops. And if that doesn’t work out, I can always try to snag a piece of cake for less than a pound! ;)

2 thoughts on “What I’ve been spying this week

  1. That old trunk is amazing! It looks like it’s from British Columbia and traveled a long way a long time ago to get to where it is now. It looks to have taken a trip by rail across Canada before taking a leap across the pond to the UK.

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