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My finds from Edinburgh’s flea market


I popped up a post the other day about the Out of the Blue flea market that’s held once a month in Edinburgh. It’s a great flea and well worth spending time (and money) on.

What I didn’t write about was the swag that I came home with after a good hour or so rummaging in old crates, poking around clothes rails and picking over costume jewellery… There was a lot to get through.

Sometimes I am on a hunt for a specific item. Until recently it was a pillbox red belt (that I picked up in a street market in Spain), and my new quest is bright yellow heels. No such luck so far, but on the first stall I stopped at I did spot these…

Pink heels with bow - front

Pink heels, complete with velvet bow. Pretty!

Pink heels with bow - side

The heel’s not too high. Perfect for a tall girl (me!)

They were £3. So I couldn’t resist.

Pink shoes with bows

Now, I must practise walking in them…

I love bright colours, particularly green, and as soon as I saw this belt I had to buy it. Especially after I found out that it was 50p.

Green belt with gold buckle

Green belt, belted

That’s my thigh. Don’t ask. I’m not a very good photographer.

Clearly unsatisfied with only two different accessories to my name, I bought these ivory elbow length gloves for £2. They are ideal for fancy dress!

Ivory glovesOkay, NOT a good photo. But to clarify. When I bought the gloves, I was thinking this in my head:

Jane Mansfield in white gloves

The beautiful Jayne Mansfield. Did I buy her gloves?

After looking at a tray with everything marked at £3, I found this pretty necklace with pearl and diamante. So I bought that too…

Adjustable gold necklace with pearl and diamante 2My tally to this point was £8.50 for all of the above. That’s not too bad for a pair of shoes, a belt, necklace and pair of gloves.

When I saw this dress on the hanger I wasn’t too sure to begin with. It’s one of those dresses that doesn’t look too exciting (hideous?) on the rail. But when I tried it on all its little details and embellishments won me over.

Flea market dress - Out of the Blue, EdinburghSo, yes. It’s navy blue crushed velvet. And yes. It’s a bit 80s Xmas party dress. A bit Maid Marian. Not to everyone’s tastes! But look at the details…

Flea market dress sleeve detail

That sleeve is just too Princess to ignore.

Faux pearls on the neckline

Faux pearls on the neckline. I’m a fan.

I bought it for £8. It does have a wee bit of a strange personality, but I think we need to gamble on quirky items now and then. Think that’s a reasonable deal? Or something you wouldn’t touch with a barge pole?

So, a total haul of £16.50 for the above items. I bought a couple of other bits and bobs too, but I think I will save them for another post :)

Oh, and you’ll have to forgive me for my generally poor photos. I took them under electric light (not good) and I am not great with the photos in general. But I will hopefully get better with practice! Watch this space…

9 thoughts on “My finds from Edinburgh’s flea market

  1. I’d be curious to see what the dress looks like on. If it’s a flattering style/shape, I might have bought it too. I do like the buttons along the cuffs a lot. :D

    The gloves and shoes are fabulous, though.

    • Hi there, you’re totally right, I need to take a photo with me wearing it. I didn’t have a photo accomplice to get a snap of me but I will put it on the to do list :) i am not very good with the timer yet ;) It’s a curious little dress!

  2. Lovely! Vintage near you seems a lot cheaper than what I find, good bargain hunting x

  3. Love those shoes you found! Anything with bows always catches my eye…and I love the height of the heel- I can’t wear super high heels, so I’m always excited to see cute shoes with a lower or flat heel :)

    • I know, right? There’s not enough love for the smaller heels – they are much rarer than super high heels. Way prefer to be able to walk and keep my heads out of the clouds ;)

  4. Love that green belt!

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