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The Out of the Blue flea market


There is a wonderful flea market on in Edinburgh at the end of every month at Out of the Blue. It’s the city’s only flea, so a unique and unusual rake is guaranteed for all thrift-lovers out there.

Flea Market at Out of the Blue, Edinburgh

The space is perfect for bargain hunting; lots of light, under cover, airy and clean. There’s even a lovely little cafe that you can stop off in after all your rummaging is over and done with.

I visited on Saturday to see what things I could spy. I was welcomed by this little sign. The organisers have eclectic tastes!

Flea market and table tennisI admit that I didn’t sign up for the table tennis. It’s not my sport of choice. But for a thrifty athlete, this is an ideal place to train and get some good exercise in. Ready? Get set. Go!

The flea market at Out of The BlueSo what did I find amongst all the stalls, crates, boxes and clothes rails? Ooooh. Lots and lots.

There was no shortage of telecommunications equipment ripe for the ringing…

A ring of telephones

Old telephonesMy favourite telephone of the day is below. I thought it was marvellous. Especially with its old plaited cord instead of a curly one.

Another vintage telephone

I spotted some great travel accessories too… Old suitcases! I was really, really tempted to buy one. But I didn’t in the end because I ran out of money! And now I’m kicking myself for leaving a suitcase behind. Maybe next time?

Vintage trunks and suitcasesI saw this travel set and immediately fell in love with it too. That old paddle brush is just brilliant.

Vintage travel grooming setBut the absolute favourite thing I found at the flea market? It hands down goes to this label that I found on a clothes rail. There are too many questions! I think this may be the best label I have ever seen…

Dress label at flea market

And do you want to know what a 1970s New York hand-made millionairess’ dress looks like? I did too. What do you think?

Millionairess dressIf you fancy having a go at something hand-made, there was no shortage of knitting and dress-making patterns either. I spotted these lovely ladies posing for me…

Vintage knitting patternAnd this is only a small selection of what was there on the day. I’d say that there are around 40 odd stalls to get around. I bought lots of things (for another post!) but I felt I had to wax lyrical about how great the flea market is in general. Everything from clothes to antiques to bric-a-brac to jewellery to accessories to furniture makes an appearance.

Definitely make tracks to the next one if you haven’t been already. Here’s their blog. They have some lovely photos!

9 thoughts on “The Out of the Blue flea market

  1. Love the cream and black phone. It’s a great space for a flea market.

  2. You’ve managed to find some absolute gems! I would have to agree that I am a little bit in love with the phones too!

  3. This blows my local flea market out of the water! What I wouldn’t give to sort through that stuff. :) I love table tennis too, haha.

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  5. I intend to go to the Out of the Blue Flea Market EVERY SINGLE MONTH and never make it! Last month I was determined but was distracted by the West End Craft Fair instead. Now I’m so uber jealous of your finds!

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